Barbados General Election Results 2018

MAY 25 UPDATE: 30-0 LANDSLIDE VICTORY FOR BLP. Voters elect MIA AMOR MOTTLEY as the first woman Prime Minister of Barbados! Despite there being a record number of alternative parties and independent candidates, the Barbados Labour Party captured all 30 parliamentary seats. Over the next several days I will be asking voters and non-voters alike for their feedback on this historic election. You can view their feedback here. You can also view detailed results, by the numbers, by clicking here.

Results by Constituency:

Christ Church East
Christ Church East Central
Christ Church South
Christ Church West Central
Christ Church West
St. Andrew
St. George South
St. George North
St. James North
St. James South
St. James Central
St. John
St. Joseph
St. Lucy
St. Michael North
City of Bridgetown
St. Michael West
St. Michael North West
St. Michael North East
St. Michael Central
St. Michael South East
St. Michael South
St. Michael West Central
St. Michael East
St. Michael South Central
St. Peter
St. Philip North
St. Philip South
St. Philip West
St. Thomas

2013 results versus 2018:

Source: Caribbean Elections website

2:01 AM MAY 25 UPDATE: In our opinion (,the BLP and Mia Mottley has won the Barbados 2018 General Election. We welcome counter arguments.

12:42 AM MAY 25 UPDATE: I have switched/swung. From quantitative to qualitative. Despite having access to live EBC/DPD data (thank you EBC/DPD), I will instead be focusing on, and conducting independent exit poll/post election interviews over the next few days. My interest has shifted from how much to how come?

10:40 PM UPDATE: Some ballot boxes are still being transported to counting centers via Transport Board buses. In the interim, I have been asking members of the public how they voted and why. The interviews are here.

The Electoral and Boundaries Commission and The Data Processing Department will be providing real-time access to this year’s election results. will be one of organisations that will have access to this information as/when it becomes available. Results will be posted periodically to our home page.

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  1. Thanks David. I’m eager to see how this will work, but I’m glad to see we are moving in this direction as a country. My limited understanding is that as the results come in from the field, they will get fed into various computer systems, which in turn will make the results available via DPD/EBC web facilities.

  2. Hello David. No feedback. But I have also read reports of ballot boxes not arriving and/or being transported via the Transport Board!

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