KFC in the Caribbean

KFC, a Yum! brand, is a global fast food franchise with locations in over 120+ countries world-wide. Closer to home, KFC can be found in 149 stores across 14 Caribbean countries

The objective of this post is to answer two questions: 1) The Caribbean country with the largest number of KFC stores and 2) The Caribbean country with the largest number of KFC stores per 100,000 persons (Note: for this post I define Caribbean as countries that are members and/or associate members of CARICOM).

For Question 1: According to the Yum! website there are 149 stores located across the following countries:

Number of KFC stores by Country

Trinidad and Tobago has, by far, the largest number of KFC stores (58) relative to their Caribbean counterparts. In second place is Jamaica with 37 stores and in third place, The Bahamas with 13.

For Question 2, The country with the largest number of KFC stores per capita (per 100,000 persons):

Number of KFC stores per capita (100,000 persons) by country

The Cayman Islands, with a population of just over 61,559 persons, takes first place with 4.87 KFC stores per 100,000 persons. In second place is Trinidad and Tobago with 4.24 KFC stores and Barbados in third with 4.20 KFC’s. At the bottom is Guyana with 0.64 KFC’s for every 100,000 persons. (Note: population numbers were obtained from the World Bank website).

The charts above were derived from the table below:

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