The retail price of gasoline and diesel changed during the first week of February. Gasoline dropped from $3.35 BDS to $3.29 BDS per litre, and diesel rose from $2.57 BDS to $2.63 BDS per litre. The price changes resulted in a decrease of six cents per litre for gasoline and an increase of six cents…

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Barbadians will be going to the polls in 2018 with one media outlet suggesting that elections will be called in May. Curious about past election results – for Barbados – I searched around and found the Caribbean Elections website. This site features a treasure trove of election related data for Barbados as well as several…

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Effective mid-night January 7, the retail price of gasoline and diesel in Barbados changed. Gasoline increased from $3.27 BDS per litre to $3.35, an increase of 8 cents, while¬†Diesel fell from $2.58 BDS per litre to $2.57, a decrease of 1 cent (Source: Barbados GIS).    

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