Barbados Murder Statistics October 2019

October 2019 saw four murders taking place in Barbados. The victims were: Leandrew Sharvar Coward (33), Keron Anthony Hodge (44), Stephen McDonald Cadogan (60) and Jamar Omar Haynes (32). The victims were all attacked in the parish of St. Michael. Three of the four were gun-related deaths (the other, knife-related). The total murder count for the year, up to the end of October, is at least 41 people.

NOTE: The data presented below was collected and compiled based on available media and press reports at the time.

Heat Map of Murders in Barbados – January to October 2019
Table of Murders in Barbados – October 2019
Table of Murders Per 100,000 People January to October 2019
Murders Per 100,000 People January to October 2019
Number of murders per month – January to October 2019
Number of Murders per Parish – October 2019
Number of Murders caused by – October 2019
Number of Murders by Age Group – October 2019
Number of Murders by Gender – October 2019

3 Comments on "Barbados Murder Statistics October 2019"

  1. Hi Amit, nice update of the Barbados murders.
    Question: why did you choose to show only the october figure for Number of Murders caused by, Number of Murders caused by Agr group, Number of Murders caused by gender?
    Why not show the data for January to October 2019?

  2. Interesting study

    I think it would also be useful to know the proportion of these events that happened where the victim lived

    It might not be useful data but then who know?

  3. Thank you Amit. I remember when we met and your family was the statistic. I think only 4 or 5 in that year. The whole country was alarmed at that rate. Attacks on victims unknown to the murderer was a whole new thing for Barbados. It is tragic to see the downward trend in our country and culture.

    I also think some deaths in past years that were labeled “natural deaths” such as “had a heart attack and fell down the stairs and died” may actually be murders that have gone uninvestigated.

    Sorry to say, I lost my love affair with Barbados when Anna was hanged in her plantation house and our now deceased chief prosecutor Leacock called it an accidental death, stating she “jumped off the chair”. In court, he sounded like he was defending the murderers. Of course Anna was blind-folded, gagged, and had her hands tied behind her back so tightly that her skin came off. After two hours she fainted and hanged to death. Her murderers will be up for parole soon.

    Barbados continues to become more dangerous. Slump in tourism and our economy is inevitable if this trend is not reversed.

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