If Conglomerates Were Countries: Comparing Massy and ANSA McAL with the Caribbean

Massy and ANSA McAL are two of the largest conglomerates operating across the Caribbean (and beyond in some cases). In 2016, revenue for Massy was $1.7 Billion US Dollars with a total of 12,000 employees. ANSA McAL’s revenue and head count for the same period was $892 Million USD and 6,000 employees respectively (revenue figures were based on today’s TT to US exchange rate). Revenue per employee was $142K USD and $148K USD for Massy and ANSA respectively.

Comparisons between companies and countries have been done before, but a quick search on Google reveals that few, if any, have been done in the context of the Caribbean. For simplicity’s sake, let us assume that the number of employees in a company is equivalent in meaning to the population of a country, and let us apply the same assumptions for Revenue = GDP and Revenue per Employee = GDP Per Capita. When we include data for select Caribbean countries, we end up with the following charts:



Data Sources:

Revenue and employee figures were obtained from Massy and ANSA websites.
Caribbean population figures were obtained via Google queries.
Caribbean GDP information was obtained via queriesfrom the IMF website.