Barbados Murder Statistics January to July 2022

47-year-old Franz Walkes (deceased). According to eyewitnesses, Walkes was struck by a stray bullet during a July 7 shooting incident in St. Philip. Several others were also injured (Image Source: NationNews).

AUGUST 9 2022 UPDATE: On July 23 2022 The websites of The Nation newspaper and Barbados Today reported that the body of an elderly woman (Gloria Eudora Leacock) was discovered at her home. BT mentioned that the death was unnatural, and The Nation indicated that police were carrying out investigations. No cause of death or details surrounding her death were provided, as such, I did not include it in the July count. On August 8, the website posted a story relating to the arrest of a man charged with the murder of Gloria Eudora Leacock. Her death will be included in the August update. There have been at least 19 murders for the year so far.

There have been at least 18 murders for the year so far. The data presented below covers January to July 2022. The steps involved in this analysis are similar to my 2020 analysis.

Barbados Murders - murder map Jan to July 2022
Image 1 – Barbados Murder Map January to July 2022
Barbados Murders - Table Jan to Jul 2022
Table 1 – Murders in Barbados January to July 2022

Notes to Table 1: Data was extracted from The NationNews and Barbados Today website (click the image to enlarge). Some readers may notice that July’s update has an Age for Romain Mayers (28). This value was derived from the Preliminary List of Electors that was published online a few months ago.

Barbados Murders - Murders by month Jan to July 2022.
Chart 1 – Murders by Month, January to July 2022
Barbados Murders - murders by parish Jan to Jul 2022
Chart 2 – Murders by Parish, January to July 2022

Note to Chart 2: Over 70% of murders (to date) orignate within the parish of St. Michael.

Barbados Murders - murders by method Jan to July 2022
Chart 3 – Murders by Method, January to July 2022

Note to Chart 3: By method, I mean, what did the attacker predominantly use (gun, knife, et cetera).

The above chart shows that over 70% of murders (to date) were gun related, while the remainder were knife/stabbing related.

Barbados Murders - murders by age group Jan to July 2022
Chart 4 – Murders by Age Group, January to July 2022

Note to Chart 4: Age data was available for 17 of the 18 victims. Average age of victim = 33 years old (up from 32 last month). Youngest victims = 20, Oldest victims = 56.

Over 50% of victims were in the 25 to 34 year old age group.

Barbados Murders - murders by gender Jan to July 2022
Chart 5 – Murders by Gender, January to July 2022

Note to Chart 5: The first female murder victim of the year to date was identified as Caroline Baird (44). She was the victim of a shooting.

Barbados Murders - murders by workweek and weekend Jan to July 2022
Chart 6 – Murders by Workweek / Weekend, January to July 2022

Note to Chart 6: I define the workweek as running from Monday to Thursday, and the weekend as running from Friday to Sunday.

Barbados Murders - murders by day of the week Jan to July 2022
Chart 7 – Murders by Day of the Week, January to July 2022
Barbados Murders - murders by time slot Jan to July 2022
Chart 8 – Murders by Time Slot, January to July 2022

Note to Chart 8: The time reported in The Media of the incident is what I use to assign murders to one of four time slots. However, it is important to note that in some cases, this may not be when the victim was attacked (or died). For example, in the case of Trey Akeem Kemar Murray (June 7), The Nation reported that police arrived at the scene at 8:15 PM. As that was the only time mentioned, I used this and assigned it to the “F” period: 8 PM to 12 AM. is the personal blog of Amit Uttamchandani. The information presented here does not represent official crime or murder statistics, nor do they represent the views, beliefs, opinions, et cetera, of Amit’s employers or associates (past or present).

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