Barbados Murder Statistics December 2017

21-year-old Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne is the island’s latest murder victim to date. Alleyne, a cousin of Rihanna’s, was shot and killed on Boxing Day.

Based on my count, the total number of murders for 2017 is at least 31 persons. The emphasis on my count is important because figures on the Nation and  Barbados Today websites (which are my data sources), do not appear to add up. For example, an article on (the website for the Nation’s print newspaper) dated December 28 lists Alleyne’s death as the 30th murder for the year. While on Barbados Today, an article dated December 27 stated that the murder count for the year was 28.

Below is a table that I put together a few months ago tracking murders in Barbados. The table includes victim names, ages, gender, dates, et cetera. My data sources have always been The Nation and Barbados Today (two local newspapers). Interested readers need only Google the victim’s name to find out the details as reported by the press. For example, the Google query: “Marvin Victor + Barbados” (without the quotation marks) will return several results relating to the victim.

The following charts are based on my table above:

Figures for the Murders by Month chart do not add up to 31 because it wasn’t clear at the time – to me – what month the victim (Steven Weare) passed away.

Figures for the Murders by Parish chart do not add up to 31 because it wasn’t clear at the time – to me – which parish the victim (Steven Weare) passed away in.


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