Barbados Leads in Caribbean Fixed Broadband Rankings

Based on data obtained from the September 2017 edition of the Speedtest Global Index, Barbados has the highest download speeds for fixed broadband in the Caribbean (45 Mbps). From a global perspective (131 countries), Singapore was ranked number 1 with download speeds of 156 Mbps and Venezuela was at the bottom of the table with 3.42 Mbps.

Speedtest is a well known website and app used by millions of persons around the globe to test the speed of their Internet connection. To learn more about their Global Index, click here.

September 2017 Results:

My Data Collection Methodology

The first step was to go to the Speedtest Global Index website and look at the September 2017 data. The Index contained data for 131 countries. The second step was to extract values relating to Caribbean countries only (defined as countries that are either members or associate members of CARICOM). The third step involved keying those values into Excel, filtering them, and then creating a chart based on the results (which is what you see above).

Feel free to share the above data, but please remember to cite or Amit Uttamchandani as the source.