November Fuel Price Change

If past data is any indicator of future events, then Barbadians should expect a change in the price of fuel within a few days.

The price of fuel (gasoline and diesel) has changed every month for 2017 with changes usually occurring within the first two weeks of every month (see table below). Of the 10 price changes recorded for 2017 so far, gasoline was increased 6 times and diesel was increased 6 times.

2016 also showed similar changes (see table below). In total, I counted 11 changes in fuel prices for the year (including one in November 2016). 6 of them were increases in gasoline and 6 were increases in diesel as well.

The regularity of price changes should not be surprising, as the Barbadian Government has said in the past that they will be adjusting fuel prices on a regular basis. It is also entirely possible, but somewhat improbable based on previous price data, that there will be no price changes for November 2017.


Feel free to share the data, but please remember to list or Amit Uttamchandani as the source.