Barbados Murder Statistics February 2018

I recorded four unnatural deaths for the month of February. Three were shooting related (Terrence Brathwaite, 25, Kesmar Shaquille Codrington, 23 and Adrian Griffith, 34). Shirley Rogers, 73, was a victim of a knife-related attack. Total number of deaths recorded from January 1 to February 28 = 4.

A few words on the data collection methodology employed. My data sources are The Media, i.e., The Nation, Barbados Today, Loop Barbados, CBC, et cetera. Reports on unnatural deaths are collected by myself – as and when time permits – and are keyed into a spreadsheet. Unnatural deaths (e.g., murder) are deaths not caused by natural causes (e.g. old age). From there, I classify deaths by various categories, such as parish, age group, et cetera. Charts are then produced and published on my blog

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  1. Barbados, has civilized black people what do you expect. Why you think baJan’s fight so hard to keep out uncivilized Jamaicans.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Are you suggesting that Jamaicans are solely responsible for any and all murders that occur in Barbados?

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