Barbados Murder Statistics March 2018

There has been a 60% increase in the number of murders between January and March 2018 compared with the same time frame last year. Jan to March 2017 saw at least 5 murders versus 8 for 2018. The number of murders recorded during March 2018 was four. The victims are:

56-year-old Laura Springer (Female)
25-year-old Jakeil Jaden Pierre Small (Male)
31-year-old Shayne Welch (Male)
23-year-old Kemar Gooding (Male)

The number of murders during the same period in 2017 was two. NOTE: I have not included Linda Atwell as media reports have, so far, been treating her death as un-natural and/or suspicious.

NOTE: All of my data are based on local media reports (CBC, Barbados Today, Loop Barbados, The Nation, et cetera).

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