New Taxi Fares in Barbados

According to the Barbados Government and local news entities, after several years of waiting, taxi operators in Barbados have been granted a fare increase (see here, here and here).

In this post, I start with Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) as the departure point, and compare it to several destinations. Due to the way the old fares and new fares were published, I was not able to do a like for like comparison for all destinations from GAIA.

For example, the old fares (see here) for Long Beach / Silver Sands are $24.00 BDS, the new fares have Long Beach and Silver Sands listed separately, at $37.00 and $40.00 BDS respectively (NOTE: $1 USD is generally accepted as $2 BDS on the street and by most if not all businesses). Also, the new fares now publish distances in kilometres, whereas before, I am not sure that distance information was included.

The largest increase was from GAIA to Gibbs (in the parish of St. Peter) with the fare increasing from $32 to $69 USD (115%), the smallest increase was going from GAIA to The Crane (St. Philip), which increased from $15.50 to $19.50 USD (25%). On average, fares from GAIA to the destinations below have increased by 77%.

I will add additional locations and destinations later this week.

New Tax Fare Table GAIA to select destinations
Table 1 – Old vs New Fares from GAIA to select destinations
Old vs new fares from GAIA in USD
Chart 1 – Old vs. New USD Fares from GAIA to select destinations