The most expensive Little Caesars in the Caribbean will not surprise you

Screenshot of Little Caesars Barbados website
Screenshot of Little Caesars Barbados website (taken November 21, 2021).

Back in 2019, I wrote a series of articles on KFC in the Caribbean. Today, I am following it up with a look at Little Caesars in the Caribbean, and in particular, a price comparison of one of their menu staples (and a personal favourite of mine), the Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Large Pepperoni pizza.

Before I do that, a few words on my research methodology. Firstly, I defined the Caribbean as member and associate member states of CARICOM. Secondly, using Google, I searched for CARICOM countries with Little Caesars locations (and websites). Thirdly, the prices are the final price paid by customers (including tax). Finally, I included the price of a large pepperoni pizza in the USA for comparison. The USA price was obtained from the Real Menu Prices website. All local prices were checked and converted to USD, on November 21. Currency conversion was done via the Xe Currency Converter website.

The results are shown in the Table and Chart below.

Table 1
Chart 1

Barbados is the most expensive country in the Caribbean for Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Pepperoni Pizza. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to many people who live in, or have visited Barbados. However, what is surprising is how much more expensive it is relative to other Caribbean countries and the USA. The price of a large pepperoni pizza in Barbados is 116% more expensive than a pizza in the USA ($6.00 vs. $13.00). In Trinidad, the percentage difference is 40% ($6.00 vs. $8.40).

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