Chefette Wing Ding Prices

Chefette Facebook Page screenshot of Wing Dings
Source: Chefette’s FB Page. HURRY! ENDING SOON!

I’ve written on fast food prices before (see here and here). Several weeks ago, Chefette made a post on their Facebook page about the return of their Wing Dings special (without stating the price).

Someone commented on their post that the price was going to go to twenty dollars or something like that (it did not, it went to $18.50).

That go me thinking, how much has the price of Chefette’s Wing Dings changed (if at all) over the years? Rather than calling Chefette and asking, I searched through all of their Facebook posts for the words “wing dings,” and compiled all of the posts which mentioned Wing Dings and the prices into the table and chart below.

Wing Ding prices based on Facebook Page posts.
Table 1 – Date of Chefette’s Facebook Page Post, and Price.
Dexter with an important reminder!
Dexter, with an important reminder for the Chefette crew!
Chart showing prices
Chart 1 – Chefette Wing Ding Prices

The table and chart show prices in Barbados dollars (1 USD = 2 BDS), for a six piece with chips, a roll and a drink.

Based on available data, the Wing Ding special was $14.95 back in May 2013. Today’s price is $18.50, an increase of $3.55 or 23.75%. The average price, over the dates surveyed, is $16.77.

As per the image at the top of this post, the Chefette Wing Ding special is ending soon! If you’re a fan of the food (and I am, even though they recently forgot my sauce), now is the time to act before it is too late!