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On October 5th, Barbados Today published an article about a controversial computer science test held in Barbados.

The original article, and subsequent Oct 6 articles mentioned, the Ministry of Education, Technological & Vocational Training, and the Inter-American Development Bank, (see here, here and here). I contacted on October 5 and asked the following questions: questions from Amit
Screenshot of Questions sent on Oct 5, 2022 (click to enlarge).

Today (Oct 6), I received the following reply from responses from Amit.
Screenshot of Reply received Oct 6, 2022 (click to enlarge).

As per BT’s initial Oct 5 and 6th articles, and’s Oct 6th reply to my queries (and the IDB’s Oct 6th statement and apology, and The Ministry’s response and apology), it seems – to me at least – that was not involved.

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  1. This response and the subsequent responses from the Ministry and IADB leave to beg the questions……what was the purpose of the test? and….was Code used as a patsy or smoke screen for another agenda?

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