Barbados Murder Statistics January to May 2022

Family members of O’neal Farmer (Image Source: NationNews)

The data presented below is from January to May 2022 (I will post 2021 numbers in the near future). The steps involved in the analysis essentially remain the same from the 2020 analysis.

Murders Victims Table, Jan to May 2022.
Table 1 – Murders in Barbados January to May 2022 (click to enlarge)

Note to Table 1: Data extracted from The Nation’s website.

Murders by Month, Jan to May 2022.
Chart 1 – Murders by Month (2022)
Murders by Parish, Jan to May 2022.
Chart 2 – Murders by Parish (2022)
Murders by method, Jan to May 2022.
Chart 3 – Murders by Method (2022)

Note to Chart 3: By method, I mean, what did the attacker predominantly use (gun, knife, et cetera).

Murders by Age Group, Jan to May 2022.
Chart 4 – Murders by Age Group (2022)

Note to Chart 4: Age data is available for 9 out of 10 victims. Average age of victim = 35 years old. Youngest victim = 20, Oldest victims = 56.

Murders by Gender, Jan to May 2022.
Chart 5 – Murders by Gender (2022)
Murders by time slot, Jan to May 2022.
Chart 6 – Murders by Time Slot (2022)

Note to Chart 6: The time reported in The Media of the incident is what I use to assign murders to one of three time slots.

Murders by workweek and weekend Jan to May 2022.
Chart 7 – Murders by Workweek / Weekend (2022)

Note to Chart 7: I define the workweek as running from Monday to Thursday, and the weekend as running from Friday to Sunday. is the personal blog of Amit Uttamchandani. The information presented here does not represent official crime or murder statistics, nor do they represent the views, beliefs, opinions, et cetera, of Amit’s employers or associates (past or present).

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