Barbados Murder Statistics September 2019

September 2019 saw at least one murder taking place in Barbados. Kevin Atherley, 25, was killed in a stabbing incident in the parish of St. Philip. For the year so far (January to September) there have been at least 37 murders.

Previous reports have the shown number of murders per parish. Based on this information, one could say that St. Michael – from Jan to Sep 2019 – had the highest number of murders. From September, and going forward, per capita values will also be included. This will allow comparison of murders with parishes of different sizes. Taking this into account, it appears that St. Philip has the highest number of murders (29.35) per 100,000 people, followed by St. Lucy (20.50) and then St. Michael (16.94). Note however that there was one murder – of the 37 as at September – that I am unable to pin to a particular parish (that of Rahim Ward). Not knowing this will have an effect on per capita values.

NOTE: The data presented below was collected and compiled based on available media and press reports at the time.

Heat Map of Murders in Barbados – January to September 2019
Table of Murders in Barbados – September 2019
Murders Per 100,000 People Jan to Sep 2019
Murders Per 100,000 People Jan to Sep 2019
Number of murders per month – January to September 2019
Number of Murders per Parish – September 2019
Number of Murders caused by – September 2019
Number of Murders by Age Group – September 2019
Number of Murders by Gender – September 2019

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