Barbados 2017 Murders Revisited – Who Was Charged?

Source: Pixabay

For 2017, I counted a total of at least 31 murders for the year. In my previous posts, the focus has always been on that of the victim and included details such as their name, age, location where it happened, how and their gender. This post will shift the focus to those who have been charged with the murder of the victims.


The methodology employed is fairly simple:

  1. Choose the time period (2017).
  2. Run a Google search for the victim’s name.
  3. Collect and compile details (name, address, age, date charged) on those charged based on media reports found in Google search results.

A point worth noting is that for victims searched and with zero results of person/persons being charged, it could mean one of at least two things: either no one has been charged (as yet) or a person was charged, but for whatever reason, news of it was not found at the time of my Google query.

Another point worth noting is that the results do not speak to motive, or relationship between murderer and victim, nor the details around the murderers socio-economic circumstances, et cetera.


Of the 31 murders recorded, I found reports of murder charges, via Google, for 14 victims. For the remainder 17, I could find no reports of any charges.

Multiple persons (2 in one murder to as much as 6 in another) were charged in 5 of the 14 murders.

A total of 28 persons were charged for the 14 murders. Those charged were as young as 17 years old while the eldest was 47 years old. The average age of those charged was 27 years old.

Of the 28, 6 teenagers (ranging in age from 17 to 19) were charged with murder. 13 persons in their 20’s, 7 persons in their 30’s and two persons in their 40’s.

In terms of where the 28 charged with murder came from (parish wise), 12 were from St. Michael, 7 from Christ Church, 4 from St. James, 2 from St. George, 2 from St. Philip and 1 from St. John.

Finally, as it relates to the amount of time elapsed between the murder occurring and at least one person being reported as charged, I found that all murder charges either happened in the same month of the murder, or in the following month.