Travel Hacks

Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve spent about 50 nights in hotels across the Caribbean. I thought it would be fitting to compile and share this post while in Antigua in transit. Some travel hacks for those frequent flyers, if I missed anything, please feel free to share:

  • WiFi access in Antigua’s airport if not free. ABAA charges USD $5.75 for one hour or USD $14.95 for one day. For that price, you can head over to the Jonnie Walker Bar and order a cold drink and get WiFi for free.
  • For Trinidad residents traveling to Jamaica, AA requires you to present your International Immunization Card showing evidence for yellow fever shots. If you do not have this card, AA will deny boarding. However, Caribbean Airlines does not require the card and will let you board.
  • Dress business casual. This may result in better service.
  • Ask for a free upgrade, if you don’t ask the airline won’t offer.
  • Booking sites like Expedia and Orbitz are convenient, but they aren’t always the cheapest. Check the hotel/airline directly. Also, making changes to your itinerary with these sites is frustrating. Note Marriott and other chains do not allow you to claim rewards if you book with a third party site like Expedia.
  • Always book with Expedia’s mobile app for maximum points.
  • In some instances, booking two one-way tickets rather than a roundtrip is usually cheaper.
  • To remove wrinkles, hang your shirts in the bathroom while showering. Take a hot one, and the steam will handle the wrinkles.
  • Put a dryer sheet in your luggage to ensure your clothes smell fresh for those long-haul flights.
  • For some flights you may notice stubs on top of the seats, these usually indicate the meal preference is veg. They usually receive their food first.