Democratic Labour Party Candidates – 2018 vs 2022

DLP Manifesto 2022 Cover Page
DLP 2022 Manifesto Cover Page (Source: DLP website)

Early this morning (very early) I posted my analysis of Barbados Labour Party candidates 2018 vs. 2022. Now it’s time to have a look at the candidates the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) fielded in 2018 and who they are bringing to the 2022 elections. I will not go over the methodology used, as it is essentially the same used for the BLP candidate 2018 vs. 2022 analysis.

Unfortunately out of the 30 candidates fielded by the DLP for 2022, I was unable to uniquely identify 3 candidates from the Voter’s List (inclusive of their DOB and Registered Constituency). This will affect the analysis and discussion.

Table 1
Chart 1

Discussion and Analysis

  1. Of the thirty candidates presented in 2018, 23 (76%) of them will not be returning in 2022 (highlighted in yellow). Verla De Peiza however, highlighted in green, will be returning albeit for a different constituency (going from Ch. Ch West to St. Lucy). The BLP, in contrast, will see 6 (20%) of their 2018 candidates not returning in 2022.
  2. In terms of gender, 4 out of 30 candidates were female in 2018 (13%). For 2022, this decreased to 3 female candidates (10%). The BLP fielded 6 female candidates (20%) in 2018 and increased to 8 in 2022 (26%).
  3. The oldest candidates are Randall Rouse and B. Ricardo Harrison (both 65), the youngest candidate is Kemar Stuart (27).
  4. The oldest male candidates are Randall Rouse and B. Ricardo Harrison (both 65).
  5. The oldest female candidates are Rennette Dimmott and Verla De Peiza (both 50).
  6. The youngest male candidate is Kemar Stuart (27).
  7. The youngest female candidate is Dawn-Marie Armstrong (33).
  8. The average age of all candidates is 47 years (based on DOB data obtained for 27 candidates).
  9. 15 candidates out of 27 are running for constituencies for which they are registered to vote in (based on the Voter’s List).
  10. Two candidates are in their 20’s.
  11. Five candidates are in their 30’s.
  12. Five candidates are in their 40’s.
  13. Ten candidates are in their 50’s.
  14. Five candidates are in their 60’s.

Good luck to all candidates, those associated with parties and those that are running as independents! is the personal blog of Amit Uttamchandani. The information presented here does not represent the views, beliefs, opinions, et cetera, of Amit’s employer’s (past or present).