MIA WATCH: Some Facts About White Oak Advisory, Recently Appointed Financial Advisor to the Barbados Government

Source: White Oak Advisory Website

The Barbados Government today announced the appointment of White Oak Advisory as its financial advisor in the context of debt restructuring.

Some facts about White Oak Advisory:

  1. The firm is based out of London and lists as its principals: Sebastian Espinosa (Managing Director) and David Nagoski (Executive Director).
  • White Oak bills itself as “the world’s only truly independent sovereign advisory firm.” The company specializes in sovereign debt matters including sovereign debt management and debt restructuring exercises.
  • Some of their core activities include: Negotiations with the IMF and other multilateral agencies, strategic review of state owned enterprises, credit ratings and investor relations.
  • The firm has worked across the globe including stints within the Caribbean region. In particular, White Oak has worked with the governments of St. Kitts and Nevis, Belize and Grenada.

Sources: White Oak Advisory website, Google Search