UPDATE: Flow Barbados Broadband Price Increase, Speed Increase, Contract and Non Contract Options

SUMMARY OF UPDATE: Prices will increase, but so will speeds. Prices will also vary based on Contract or Non-Contract. Curious about the upcoming Nov 1 price increase, I contacted a CWC/Flow employee and asked a few questions. It turns out that while prices will increase, plan speeds will also increase and there are now two sets of prices: Contract (1 Year) and Non-Contract.


For comparison, here is a snap shot of the old plan speeds and prices:


…and my table – from yesterday – with the new prices (not knowing that there will be speed increases as well, based on what they published in the Sunday Sun, and on their website up until yesterday):


Here are the new plans and prices:

And here is a link to a CWC/Flow FAQs – Broadband Changes document for you learn more.

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