Denis O’Brien Takes On Internet Giants. Again.

The Irish Times reports that Denis O’Brien is not giving up on his fight with Internet giants, such as Google and Facebook, to force them to share their huge advertising revenues with telco service providers like his very own Digicel. This time around he’s going after a “New Deal”:

O’Brien is now threatening the web giants with a “New Deal”, echoing the language of post-depression US president Franklin D Roosevelt. But DOB hasn’t come over all FDR – benevolent and nice. St Denis is a district in Paris, not an Irish billionaire.

Instead, O’Brien is leveraging his position on the United Nations Broadband Commission to try and force the web companies to the table to pay up and help telcos fund the rollout of network infrastructure across Africa and poorer parts of Asia. The commission has also adopted the “new deal” language, seen as code for forcing the digital economy to pay its way in the world.

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Source: Irish Times.

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