BeepCab Press Release On Uber Barbados Entry

The following is a text only version of Caribbean Transit Solution (providers of BeepCab, BeepBus and EasyTrak) press release following the recent news of Uber preparations to enter the Barbados market. Uber launched its service in Trinidad and Tobago earlier this year.



Uber’s Potential Market Entry

Caribbean Transit Solutions (CTS) with its BeepCab product allows customers to book and pay for a
taxi directly from their smartphone.

BeepCab works within the existing legal framework and legislation of Barbados by working with only
registered taxis and by enabling taxi operators to better connect with their customers. Primarily
BeepCab allows customers to access a pool of vetted taxi drivers, pay with cash or credit card, get
ride estimates prior to taking the taxi and more. The concept of the sharing economy is one we
embrace as it (typically) has the power to promote better linkages within the host country. Adding to
that, as local companies create products in the sharing economy:

● It decreases the Foreign Exchange and other financial leakages normally associated with
internationally based companies in those industries including tourism.
● Shares the wealth more equitably.
● Ensures that a lot more of the funds are retained and spent within the country.

In Barbados, tourism is one of the drivers of our economy and we rely heavily on the strength and
competitive value of our tourism products. Therefore, support for quality local complimentary
offerings which contribute to the overall tourism product is crucial. Further, the introduction these
types of products within a small region like the Caribbean, sets apart the destination as a leader and
opens the market to various segments of ‘new’ travellers like millennials and event travellers for
example. The sharing economy is an ecosystem and as travellers’ behaviour changes, so should the
product offering to meet the needs of said travellers.

There is room for various players, however, we need to ensure that the barriers which prohibit local
players from growth and expansion, are not instantly changed for the internationally giant, giving
them an unfair advantage. We at BeepCab have worked tirelessly to create an app that works within
our legal and social framework and was not simply a replica of Uber. Uber has faced legal challenges
in many countries worldwide, with similar legislation as exists within Barbados. Rather, our aim was
to offer transportation solutions which cater to unique needs of locals while also accommodating
the visitors to our shores. Solving the transportation problems versus just the taxi booking problem;
this is what our company is working towards, BeepCab & BeepBus are the genesis of this.

The existing taxi market is already saturated, BeepCab seeks to support, stabalise, standardise and
enable the sector through the utilization of technology. The technology we employ is tailored to our
markets in order to improve practices, for instance estimating a fare, metered fares etc. We
continue to encourage taxi drivers desirous of integrating a technology solution into their business
model, to contact us and register.

After working extremely hard over the past two years with limited support, we’re happy to work
alongside and finally have a seat at the table with tourism leaders, other industry leaders and reengage
taxi associations, to support Barbadians working hard to play their part in this economy.

If of course, the legislation should be lifted, we hope that this is with careful consideration and a
level playing field being set, which does not give external parties the advantage. That is not how
countries grow, nor is it the environment for start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow locally or
regionally. We have seen examples of this, hence the Treaty of Chaguaramas, later CSME (in our
region) and internationally with countries trying to protect and in some cases close their border, e.g

The Caribbean has always had some of the brightest minds – some of our brothers and sisters have
exported their talents, others have stayed and worked towards the change we wish to see in our
countries. Caribbean start-ups are leading the charge to improve lives and economies within our
communities. That’s our mission with BeepCab and BeepBus, improving our country by solving
critical transportation problems – one step at a time!

Our company, Caribbean Transit Solutions Inc. (CTS), uses GPS, mobile data and Internet
technologies to provide our fellow Barbadians and visitors to our shores with the platform to search
for local bus routes (BeepBus), as well as request and book taxis (BeepCab), directly from their

For more information on BeepCab, visit and to register as a taxi on BeepCab
register at: or follow this link to see how the app works.